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What would happen if volunteer Firefighters and EMTs did not volunteer?
nbvfrcIt’s 3:00 am, a cold winter’s night. Snow is falling and the area is quietly blanketed in white. You’re nestled in, sound asleep, when suddenly you’re torn awake by the sound of the bell and a blinding light. Duty calls. You leave the warmth of your bed to head out into the cold, but you don’t complain, you don’t ask for thanks. You do your job, you save lives and protect property. You do it for free. You’re a volunteer firefighter/EMT.

Our community depends these volunteers, your neighbors, friends, and co-workers to answer the call when disaster strikes. Can we depend on you to become our newest  volunteer? Training and equipment provided, join today!
Email recruiting@nbvfrc.org

Is New Baltimore Volunteer Fire and Rescue 100% Volunteer?
In short, yes! A lot of people believe we are paid for our service however, that is just not true, we are happy to volunteer our time.

The county does provide three paid career staff members assigned to NBVFRC to staff an advanced live support ambulance (ALS/Medic) crew during normal business hours. This is because New Baltimore Volunteer Fire and Rescue Company is part of what is called a “combined system”. Fauquier County Fire and Rescue relies heavily on the use of volunteer firefighters. The county volunteer system is made up of 600+ members, 530+ of which are volunteer members and the remaining 60+ members are career or county paid employees.

Our county is 660 square miles small and receives 12,000+ calls for service per calendar year consisting of eleven fire and rescue stations throughout the county. When the call comes down for help, volunteers stop what they are doing and provide these time sensitive services to protect members in the community. While 600 volunteers might seem impressive, divide that between 11 mapoffauquierstations giving you an average of 54 members per station (some have more some have less), take into account the number of days per month and individual schedules. So, we are always looking for more dedicated members to be part of our family. Do you have what it takes to be a NBVFRC Firefighter/EMT/Driver… Volunteer?

“Fauquier County is 660 square miles!”

NBVFRC buildings and apparatus are owned by the department and paid for by tax-free donations from the community. We also house the county hazardous materials unit. The time county volunteers put in every year, combined with community donations for the purchase of facilities, apparatus, training, and equipment saves the county millions of dollars per calendar year!

“Volunteers save Fauquier County MILLION$ of dollars per calendar year!”

What’s in it for me?
The satisfaction of knowing that you have donated your time and efforts to being a part of the community. Knowing that you may one day be able to save a life (or looking back on the lives you have saved) and knowing that you have the skills, knowledge, experience, and team of other volunteers to help you excel in these efforts and life.

Who can join?
Anyone of good moral character, age 16 and up, can join the New Baltimore Volunteer Fire and Rescue Company.  We have different classes of membership:


  • The Junior program accepts individuals who are 16 and 17 years old.  Juniors may attend county provided Firefighter and Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) training programs and properly certified Junior members may respond to emergency calls.
  • Senior membership is open to those 18 years of age or older.  Such members can respond to emergency calls, drive the emergency apparatus, and serve as operational and administrative officers.
  • Administrative membership is open to individuals who do not wish to respond to emergency calls, but would like to help in alternative ways. The administrative members can assist with such things as grant writing, fundraising functions, and other support activities. You are just as important to our membership as any other member and part of our family without question.

Will I learn new skills?
The skills you will learn as a volunteer firefighter are invaluable!
Volunteering is one of the best ways to make a difference personally,
while having a positive impact on the lives of those in your community.
Your community needs more volunteer firefighters. Virginia alone is looking for over 4,200 new volunteers!

“Over 4,200 volunteers are needed NOW in Virginia”

OK, I’M READY! How do I sign up?
We hold a regular monthly business meeting on the second Monday of each month at 7pm here at the station.  Every other Monday, we hold drills at the same time.  If you can stop by the station on any time that can give you the application forms necessary to begin your journey.

To get started right away visit the following site: http://www.everydayherova.org/. Be sure to let us know you have started the process by e-mailing our recruiters (recruiting@nbvfrc.org) so we track your progress and prepare for your arrival as a new member.

I have more questions, can you help?
If you would like further information about membership, see our contact us page or email recruiting@nbvfrc.org. We will be happy to assist you through the process to join our ranks as our newest volunteer.

Where are you located?
6550 Riley Road
Warrenton, VA 20187
(Near the intersection of Broad Run Church Road and Riley Road)
Non-Emergency: 540-349-9004

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