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Structure Fire Commercial – Box 1020 – Greenwich Inn

Sunday, January 5th 2014 @ 2309hrs: We were alerted for a report of a structure fire at the Greenwich Inn in Vint Hill. Wagon 10, Engine 10, AC10, and Ambulance 10-2 responded. Wagon 10 arrived on scene to single story motel with smoke pushing from the roof vents and gable vents. After forcing entry to the lobby area, they encountered heavy smoke conditions. Upon further investigation by the crew they located the source as a burnt up electrical panel with extension into the surrounding wall. The fire was extinguished and after extensive overhaul units went ready at 0045.

Units: W10, E10, AC10,Amb 10-2, E1,E7,T1, W19— Mutual Aid: Engine and Battalion 525

Traffic Accident -Box 1009- 6000 Blk Lee Hwy

December 28th, 2013 @ 0600hrs: company 10 was alerted for a traffic accident in the 6000 Blk of Lee Hwy. Wagon 10, Ambulance 10-2 and AC10 responded with a total of 9 personnel. Wagon 10 arrived on scene to a single vehicle through a fence with one occupant still inside. Wagon 10 confirmed there was no entrapment or hazards and provided traffic control while the ambulance obtained a patient refusal and the wrecker removed the vehicle. Units cleared after about 30 minutes on scene.

Units: W10, A10-2, AC10

Barn Fire – Box 0701 – Old Dumfries Rd.

Sunday, December 23rd, 2013 0100hrs: Company 7 (Catlett) was dispatched for a smoke investigation. As they arrived on scene, they encountered a working fire barn fire and filled the box assignment. W-10 responded with four as the second due pumper. Wagon 10’s driver assumed the role of water supply officer and setup the dump site. The crew checked for extension in the adjacent barn and the crew knock down hot spots and overhauled parts of the barn involved. Several dozens of burning hay bales and some equipment were moved to an open area of the property. W10 was released by command and went ready at 0423hrs.

 Units: W10, K10, E7, K7, R7, W1, K1, E2, K8, E13, and K13