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Structure Fire – Box 0305 – Horse Country Trail

Wednesday, August 21st, 2013 2100hrs: Units were alerted for the working structure fire at Horse Country Trail. Wagon, Tanker, and AC 10 responded with a total of 7 personnel from the Opal area after clearing a previous fire. Units on scene were advising of a large single family dwelling with heavy fire on side Delta of the structure and the fire was spreading to the roof. AC10 arrived on scene and was assigned Operations Officer by command. Wagon 10 arrived and sent its personnel to the fire ground while the tanker remained at the dump site. Wagon 10’s crew along with Engine 4 made entry on side Charlie and stopped the fire from spreading to the garage and kitchen. Company 10 units remained on scene until about 0200 helping in the salvage and overhaul process.

Units: W10, K10, AC10, E4, and other county units.

Structure Fire – Box 1009 – Hillside Drive

Saturday, June 9, 2012: Dispatched for report structure, Engine 10 responded with 5, Brush 10 with 2, and Ambulance 10-1 with 2.  Arriving on scene of a single story structure flames visible from side A.  E10 proceeded with an interior attack while Wagon 1 arrived to establish the dump site.  The fire was under control in 5 minutes.  Units completed extinguishing hotspots and then continued with overhaul operations.  Fire companies that responded 1, 2, 19, 11, 3, and 4 thank you for the assistance on this call.

Structure Fire – Box 1006 – Broad Run Church Rd

Friday, April 27, 2012 1500: Early Friday afternoon, units were dispatched for a house fire on Broad Run Church Road. M10 was already on the area headed to a public service call and was first arriving on scene. M10 found a single story garage with fire showing from side Alpha and Bravo. M10 kept the fire in check utilizing a water can until the arrival of E10 and K10. The fire was extinguished and garage was overhauled.

Structure Fire – Box 0717 – Heddings Rd

Saturday, April 21, 2012:  Early Saturday afternoon, communications dispatched a working fire in box 0717. K10 was responded with two. First arriving units found a two story home with fire showing from the roof and all occuptants were out of the home. K10 was assigned to water shuttle operations which lasted over four hours. The fire was brought under control shortly afterwards utlizing fire companies from Fauquier, Prince William, and Stafford counties.

Structure Fire – Box 1105 – Marriott Ln

Friday, April 20, 2012 0400hrs: Early Friday morning, communications dispatched a house fire at the Marriott Ranch facility located in Hume, VA. K10 was dispatched and first arriving units advised a two story balloon frame residential dwelling with fire showing. Command was established by Wagon 1 and advised a defensive attack as a portion of the home at collapsed. Fire was brought under control and extensive over haul was completed.

Structure Fire – Box 1002 – N/A

Tuesday, April 10, 2012 1900: Approximately 1900hrs, E10, K10, A10-1, and CF10 responded for a house fire. Initial reports were an explosion had occurred in the crawl space of the dwelling and smoke was now seen. Wagon 1 was first arriving after clearing a nearby EMS local and arrived on scene to find a single story dwelling with smoking showing. E10 arrived on scene and assisted W1’s crew with locating a small fire in the crawl space and extinguishing the fire.

Structure Fire – Box 0121 – Burke Ln

Sunday, February 5, 2012 1504hrs: Early Sunday afternoon E10 and K10 were dispatched for a possible house fire. While responding units were advised that law enforcement was on the scene of a working house fire. E1 arrived on scene to find a single story house with fire from the garage. Command was established by Chief 1. E10 arrived second due and picked up E1s line. The lay was completed with E2 and W1 which was roughly 3000 feet long. K10 arrived and assisted in establishing the dump site and then shuttled water from the fill site located at Lord Fairfax Community College to the fire ground. E10s crew assisted with interior operations with a second hand line. Fire was brought under control and overhaul was completed quickly.

Structure Fire – Box 02?? – O’Keefe Road

Monday, July 18, 2011 12:35hrs: Units were dispatched for a report of a strucutre fire on O’Keefe Road in Remington’s first due. E2 arrived and called for a split lay. E1 picked up their line and crews went to work extinguishing the fire. E10 and CF10 arrived and entered to assist with extinguishment as well. Due to rapidly changing condtions, the crews were pulled out temporarily by command. E10 remained on scene for several hours continuing to extinguish hot spots, performing slavage and overhaul as well. Once the blaze was completely out, units began to clear.

Structure Fire – Box 0313 – Winchester Rd

Thursday, March 17, 2011 23:30hrs: E10 and K10 were dispatched to 4575 Winchester Road for a reported structure fire. First units on the scene, found a two story single family house, with fire showing. E10 arrived as the 3rd in engine company with fire through the roof. E10 was assigned to assist with interior fire attack operations. Fire was brought under control and units cleared the scene approximately 4:25hrs.

Long Day

Saturday, February 19, 2011: Several calls kept volunteers from Company 10 busy all day with numerous brush fires, EMS calls, and structure fires. The high winds fueled numerous brush fires that created a challenge for all departments, but were handled professionally and promptly by all departments. Below is a list of the significant incidents that units responded to. Company 10 units responded to roughly 30 calls in a 12 hour period.

Box 0708, 9477 Rogues Rd, Outside Fire (13:15hrs)B10 and A10-1 were dispatched to Box 0709 for an outside fire endangering a structure. Units responded and arrived on scene to find units in the process of containing a brush fire that had already burnt several acres. Command was established by CF-1. B10 and the crew from A10-1 operated in the Alpha division with crews from Company 1 to extinguish the fire.  K10 later arrived on scene to provide water after clearing from another call. The fire was extinguished and scene turned over to VA Forestry Department. B10 and K10 cleared the scene to respond to another large brush fire on Davis Road in a 2 Box.Units: B10, K10, A10-1, CF1, W1, U-1, B3, B7, B2, W19, K7, E7

Box 0408, Brooklyn & Georgetown Rd, Outside Fire (14:02hrs) E10 responded to assist Co.4 units on the scene with a brush fire that damaged about 5 acres. Units from Co.1 arrived on scene to assist with extinguishing hot spots. Units cleared the scene at 16:15 hrs

Box 0221, 12272 Davis Road, Outside fire involving a structure (15:17hrs) B10 and K10 were dispatched from the Rouges Road fire to assist units on the scene of a large brush fire that had burnt several acres. K10 provided water and B10 assisted E2 with deploying a liter line. Last units cleared the scene at 20:17hrs.

Box 0808, 14276 Goldvein Rd, Outside fire involving 200+ acres (14:17hrs) B10 dispatched for outside fire and requested to respond to staging area at Fire Station 8. B10 arrived on scene and was assigned to the House Group located on Thompson Mill Road. B10 was assigned to operate with B2 and E13’s crew to establish a fire line. Fire was confined and VA Forestry Dept used a bulldozer to provide a secondary fire line. B10 was later assigned to assist VA Forestry Dept with cutting trees down and extinguishing spot fires along the Stafford/Fauquier County line. B10 cleared the scene at 22:30hrs.

Box 0405, 4235 Busthead Rd, Outside Fire (17:24hrs) E10 was dispatched to assist units on the scene of a brush fire with several acres involved in mountainous terrain. E10s crew established a fire line and confined the fire and last units cleared the scene at 22:49hrs.

Box 0134, 6518 Dinwiddle Ct, Chimney Fire (17:51hrs) Co.10 units were dispatched for a chimney fire. CF10, Support 10, and R-1 responded and arrived on scene to find a single family dwelling with nothing evident. Units investigated and found there was no extension into the structure. Units cleared the scene at 18:22hrs.

Box 0410, 4658 Old Tavern Rd, Outside Fire (03:08hrs) B10, E10, and K10 were dispatched to assist Co.4 units on the scene of a field fire that had consumed several acres and hay bales. Crews estimated that 10 acres were burnt. Units cleared the scene around 06:00hrs.

Structure Fire – Box 1012 – Beverlys Mill Road

Sunday, September 19, 2010 13:50hrs: Units were dispatched to Box 1012 for a residential structure fire. E10 and K10 arrived on the scene of a 2 story single family structure with fire showing from side Alpha first and second floors. E10 crew began an aggressive attack through the front door of the structure. Rural water supply was established extremely quickly by Co.1 units. In addition, E10s officer requested a tanker task force. Chief 1 assumed Command of the incident. After approximately forty five minutes the fire was brought under control. The last of the units departed the scene approximately four hours after dispatch.

Structure Fire – Box 0305 – John Marhsall HWY

Monday, September 27, 2010 20:00hrs: E10, K10, and AC10 responded to a 3 box for a commercial fire. First arriving units arrived on scene to find the Fauquier Livestock Exchange heavy invovled with fire from the second floor restaurant portion of the building and the barn section. Chief 3 assumed command and units on the scene began to contain the fire. However, due to strong winds the fire engulfed the barn portion of the structure, and crews were evacuated. E10 arrived on scene and assisted at the dump site while the crew assumed the Delta division. AC10 operated as safety officer. Due to the inaccessibility of certain portions of the barn, command requested brush trucks, B10 responded to assist on the incident. Fire was brought under control after about three hours and crews began to overhaul the structure. E10 and B10 cleared the scene shortly after 0100hrs. K10 remained in the tanker shuttle operations for another hour prior to clearing. Units from Fauquier, Loudoun, Stafford, Warren, and Clarke County were on the call.

Structure Fire – Box 1002 – Evergreen Mountain Road

Saturday, September 11, 2010 17:00hrs: Units were dispatched for a barn fire at 6263 Evergreen Mountain Road. E10 was the first arriving apparatus on scene and found a two car garage fully involved. E10 established command and requested a tanker task force. E10s crew began an aggressive attack to contain the fire to the garage and to stop the flames from continuing toward a two story single family dwelling. W4, E1, W19, and E524 arrived on scene to assist with extinguished and overhaul. K1 was water supply officer and conducted tanker shuttle operations with tanker 10, 1, 4, 3, and 603. Fire was extinguished and last units cleared the scene around 2030hrs.

Structure Fire – Box 0206 – Botha Road

Saturday, July 17, 2010 06:25hrs: E10 and K10 were dispatched to Box 0206 for a reported house fire at 8298 Botha Road. While responding dispatch confirmed a working house fire. W1 and K1 arrived on scene to find a 2 story single family log cabin structure fully involved and began an aggressive defensive attack. E10 arrived on scene and assumed the dump site pumper while the crew assisted with the defensive attack. K10 began to operate in water shuttle operations. Fire was brought under control and company 10 units cleared the call at approximately 1200hrs.

Units: E10, K10, W1, K1, and other county units.

Structure Fire – Box 1008 – Lake Willow CT

Saturday, June 19, 2010 09:50hrs: Companies 10, 1, 7, and 504 were dispatched for a structure fire at Lake Willow Court. Initial reports was fire had started in the garage and now was spreading to the rest of the house. Further updates stated the fire was through the roof and was starting to catch a neighbor’s house on fire. E10 and W10 arrived on scene to find a two story single family dwelling with fire showing from the first and second floor the residence and began an aggressive defensive attack on the structure. A second alarm was sounded due to the exposures. W10s OIC established Lake Willow Court command. Fire had reached the Bravo 1 exposure and was going in through the attic. Crews from E10 and W10 began an exterior attack at the A/B corner of first structure to extinguish the fire and protect the other house. Crews from 1 and 7 were sent to the Bravo 1 exposure to extinguish the fire. With other crews arriving on the scene the fire were brought under control in about 30 minutes.

Units: E10, W10, K10, A10-1, E1, W1, K1, R1, E7, E504, E524, R504, E3, E4, E2.