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Lucas CPR Device

Last week NBVFRC received our first Lucas CPR device as one of the seven that was obtained in a grant by Fauquier County. Over the weekend and the last couple days members have been getting hands-on training to familiarize themselves with the devices so they are ready to use them if the need arises. These devices will greatly help our crews on the calls involving CPR by reducing the stress and exertion our providers experience. Also, these devices help provide consistent, quality compression in a manner that is safe for everyone involved. We are excited to have this excellent piece of equipment now to help serve and protect our community.

Long Day

Saturday, February 19, 2011: Several calls kept volunteers from Company 10 busy all day with numerous brush fires, EMS calls, and structure fires. The high winds fueled numerous brush fires that created a challenge for all departments, but were handled professionally and promptly by all departments. Below is a list of the significant incidents that units responded to. Company 10 units responded to roughly 30 calls in a 12 hour period.

Box 0708, 9477 Rogues Rd, Outside Fire (13:15hrs)B10 and A10-1 were dispatched to Box 0709 for an outside fire endangering a structure. Units responded and arrived on scene to find units in the process of containing a brush fire that had already burnt several acres. Command was established by CF-1. B10 and the crew from A10-1 operated in the Alpha division with crews from Company 1 to extinguish the fire.  K10 later arrived on scene to provide water after clearing from another call. The fire was extinguished and scene turned over to VA Forestry Department. B10 and K10 cleared the scene to respond to another large brush fire on Davis Road in a 2 Box.Units: B10, K10, A10-1, CF1, W1, U-1, B3, B7, B2, W19, K7, E7

Box 0408, Brooklyn & Georgetown Rd, Outside Fire (14:02hrs) E10 responded to assist Co.4 units on the scene with a brush fire that damaged about 5 acres. Units from Co.1 arrived on scene to assist with extinguishing hot spots. Units cleared the scene at 16:15 hrs

Box 0221, 12272 Davis Road, Outside fire involving a structure (15:17hrs) B10 and K10 were dispatched from the Rouges Road fire to assist units on the scene of a large brush fire that had burnt several acres. K10 provided water and B10 assisted E2 with deploying a liter line. Last units cleared the scene at 20:17hrs.

Box 0808, 14276 Goldvein Rd, Outside fire involving 200+ acres (14:17hrs) B10 dispatched for outside fire and requested to respond to staging area at Fire Station 8. B10 arrived on scene and was assigned to the House Group located on Thompson Mill Road. B10 was assigned to operate with B2 and E13’s crew to establish a fire line. Fire was confined and VA Forestry Dept used a bulldozer to provide a secondary fire line. B10 was later assigned to assist VA Forestry Dept with cutting trees down and extinguishing spot fires along the Stafford/Fauquier County line. B10 cleared the scene at 22:30hrs.

Box 0405, 4235 Busthead Rd, Outside Fire (17:24hrs) E10 was dispatched to assist units on the scene of a brush fire with several acres involved in mountainous terrain. E10s crew established a fire line and confined the fire and last units cleared the scene at 22:49hrs.

Box 0134, 6518 Dinwiddle Ct, Chimney Fire (17:51hrs) Co.10 units were dispatched for a chimney fire. CF10, Support 10, and R-1 responded and arrived on scene to find a single family dwelling with nothing evident. Units investigated and found there was no extension into the structure. Units cleared the scene at 18:22hrs.

Box 0410, 4658 Old Tavern Rd, Outside Fire (03:08hrs) B10, E10, and K10 were dispatched to assist Co.4 units on the scene of a field fire that had consumed several acres and hay bales. Crews estimated that 10 acres were burnt. Units cleared the scene around 06:00hrs.