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On May 16 @ 0535hrs, Fire and rescue crews from New Baltimore Volunteer Fire Company and Warrenton Volunteer Fire Company were dispatched for a water rescue on Baldwin Street.  Crews successfully rescued a driver of the vehicle stuck in the rapidly moving water.  This is a frequent location for water rescues, please avoid this area during periods of heavy rain. Crews successfully rescued two people from the same location last year earning some crew members on-scene an award for valor. We remind everybody to not drive through water in the roadways as many water rescues can be avoided, turn around, don’t drown.


On Monday 12 @ 0554hrs, Dispatched for a reported auto accident with entrapment. Crews from New Baltimore arrived on-scene to find all occupants outside the vehicles walking around. Additional units on the initial dispatched were placed in service. One person transported with non-life threatening injuries. Beverleys Mill Road was shutdown to through traffic until vehicles were removed from the roadway.


Sunday May 4th @ 1532hrs, dispatched for a two vehicle accident near the intersection of Lee Highway and Vint Hill Road. Crews arrived on-scene to find heavy rear end damage to the first vehicle, minor fender damage to a pickup truck which was towing a small front loader. The trailer had buckled under the heavy load subsequent to the auto accident. Virginia State Police assisted blocking traffic as the driver was allowed to remove the vehicle and trailer from the roadway.

Structure Fire – Box 0105 – S. 4th St.

Monday, February  17th @ 13:20 hrs – Company 10 was dispatched to South 4th street in the Town of Warrenton for a working structure fire.  Upon arrival, Wagon 10’s crew assisted Company 1 with fire attack operations on the 1st floor of the structure.   After the fire was out, the crews from New Baltimore conducted a large overhaul operation in order to make sure there were no hidden fires in the walls of the old, wood-framed house.

Units: E1, E19, E10, E02, E7, E3, T1, M1, M1-2, C1

Traffic Accident – Box 1001 – Lee Highway/Snow Hill

Wednesday, January 22nd: Station 10 and Medic 10 were dispatched for traffic accident- SUV vs. snow plow tractor on Lee Highway Southbound lanes near Snow Hill.  Engine 10 provided traffic control and clean up.  The driver of the SUV was transported to a local hospital by Medic 10.   Plow operator was slightly injured but denied medical transport. Due to extra weight, the plow had to be removed from the tractor before it could be towed.

Units: E10 and M10

Barn Fire – Box 0701 – Old Dumfries Rd.

Sunday, December 23rd, 2013 0100hrs: Company 7 (Catlett) was dispatched for a smoke investigation. As they arrived on scene, they encountered a working fire barn fire and filled the box assignment. W-10 responded with four as the second due pumper. Wagon 10’s driver assumed the role of water supply officer and setup the dump site. The crew checked for extension in the adjacent barn and the crew knock down hot spots and overhauled parts of the barn involved. Several dozens of burning hay bales and some equipment were moved to an open area of the property. W10 was released by command and went ready at 0423hrs.

 Units: W10, K10, E7, K7, R7, W1, K1, E2, K8, E13, and K13

Structure Fire – Box 0305 – Horse Country Trail

Wednesday, August 21st, 2013 2100hrs: Units were alerted for the working structure fire at Horse Country Trail. Wagon, Tanker, and AC 10 responded with a total of 7 personnel from the Opal area after clearing a previous fire. Units on scene were advising of a large single family dwelling with heavy fire on side Delta of the structure and the fire was spreading to the roof. AC10 arrived on scene and was assigned Operations Officer by command. Wagon 10 arrived and sent its personnel to the fire ground while the tanker remained at the dump site. Wagon 10’s crew along with Engine 4 made entry on side Charlie and stopped the fire from spreading to the garage and kitchen. Company 10 units remained on scene until about 0200 helping in the salvage and overhaul process.

Units: W10, K10, AC10, E4, and other county units.

Traffic Accident – Hazmat – Box N/A – N/A

Monday, December 17, 2012:  Hazmat 10 and Wagon 10 were requested to assist Company 4 units with a traffic accident that involved a large fuel leak.  Hazmat 10 arrived to find a log hauling truck had been struck and its side saddle tank was leaking fuel.  A collection tank was placed to begin the process of collecting fuel, approximately 40 gallons of fuel was collected.  During the collection process pumping of the tank was also accomplished to collect 55 additional gallons of fuel.  Trenches dug into the soft ground to keep running fuel from contaminating any additional land.

Chimney Fire – Box 0703 – Greenwich Road

Friday, November 30, 2012:  Wagon 10 responded with four to a chimney fire in Cattlet’s (Co7) first due.  W10 arrived on-scene of a single story home with visible fire from the chimney. W10 was assigned to the roof and checked for extension while C7 units attempted extinguishment from the firebox in the basement.  Multiple attempts at extinguishment were made with a dry chem extinguisher. W10 firecrew used a chain down the flue to break up the remaining material and a few more blasts of dry chem extinguished the fire. Fire was contained the firebox and flue with no extension into the house.

Structure Fire – Box 1009 – Hillside Drive

Saturday, June 9, 2012: Dispatched for report structure, Engine 10 responded with 5, Brush 10 with 2, and Ambulance 10-1 with 2.  Arriving on scene of a single story structure flames visible from side A.  E10 proceeded with an interior attack while Wagon 1 arrived to establish the dump site.  The fire was under control in 5 minutes.  Units completed extinguishing hotspots and then continued with overhaul operations.  Fire companies that responded 1, 2, 19, 11, 3, and 4 thank you for the assistance on this call.