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On May 6, 2014 @ 1006hrs: Engine 10 and Ambulance 10 were dispatched for a vehicle accident in the area of Lee Highway and Beverlys Mill Road.  After arriving on scene crews found two vehicles in opposing ditches on the side of Beverlys Mill Road. E10 secured the scene by blocking traffic to Beverlys Mill Road. A10 checked patients with Medic 1, one patient was transported and the other refused transport. E1 arrived and assist with traffic control, blocking the right lane of traffic on route 29 Northbound.

Units: E10, A10, M1, and E1


Sunday May 4th @ 1532hrs, dispatched for a two vehicle accident near the intersection of Lee Highway and Vint Hill Road. Crews arrived on-scene to find heavy rear end damage to the first vehicle, minor fender damage to a pickup truck which was towing a small front loader. The trailer had buckled under the heavy load subsequent to the auto accident. Virginia State Police assisted blocking traffic as the driver was allowed to remove the vehicle and trailer from the roadway.

Vehicle In Lake – Box 1006 – Brookside Pkwy

On April 29th, 2014 @ 1908hrs – Company 10 was dispatched for an unconscious person on the side of the road. After arriving on-scene it was discovered the person was involved in a vehicle accident. Crews attended to the patient and assisted EMS personnel on-scene. The vehicle in question had apparently lost control and ran over a fire hydrant which was knocked 30-50 feet from its original location. The vehicle then ran down an embankment, across a field, up another embankment into the lake on the other side which was approximately 150-200 yards from where the vehicle apparently first lost control. WSA was made aware of the incident. Rescue 1 was initially dispatched but placed in service once determined no other occupants were in the vehicle. Response 10 was sent back to the station to obtain absorbent pads and booms. The vehicle was half submerged up to the bottom of the windows in the lake approximately 10 feet from the bank. Engine 10 and Response 10 crews used one of the booms and two dozen absorbent pads along the lake edge and in an overflow drainage ditch to contain the oil leak into the water. A tow truck was dispatched and arrived on scene but was unable to gain access to the vehicle due to the wet ground and weather conditions. The scene was turned over to Fauquier County Sheriffs office.

Units: E10, RES10, M1, R1
Photos provided by Firefighter Matt Tingle

Traffic Accident – Box 1001 – Rt. 29 N

At approximately 0900 hours on February 26, 2014 Company and Station 10 were dispatched for a traffic accident with rollover on rt. 29 northbound. Medic 10 and Engine 10 responded with a total of 7 personnel. Units arrived on scene to find one vehicle had been t-boned and was on its side. Engine 10 crew performed traffic control and controlled leaking fuel and Medic 10 transported two patients to Fauquier Hospital.

Traffic Accident – Box 1001 – Lee Highway/Snow Hill

Wednesday, January 22nd: Station 10 and Medic 10 were dispatched for traffic accident- SUV vs. snow plow tractor on Lee Highway Southbound lanes near Snow Hill.  Engine 10 provided traffic control and clean up.  The driver of the SUV was transported to a local hospital by Medic 10.   Plow operator was slightly injured but denied medical transport. Due to extra weight, the plow had to be removed from the tractor before it could be towed.

Units: E10 and M10

Winter Weather Dec 26 2012

Wednesday, December 26, 2012:  New Baltimore received multiple emergency calls due to weather.  The day started with a chimney fire in Cattlet’s first due.  Then as the weather set in with snow and icing conditions there were multiple traffic accidents within the New Baltimore and Catlett’s first due areas.  Thankfully no serious injuries occurred during any of the calls.

Traffic Accident – Hazmat – Box N/A – N/A

Monday, December 17, 2012:  Hazmat 10 and Wagon 10 were requested to assist Company 4 units with a traffic accident that involved a large fuel leak.  Hazmat 10 arrived to find a log hauling truck had been struck and its side saddle tank was leaking fuel.  A collection tank was placed to begin the process of collecting fuel, approximately 40 gallons of fuel was collected.  During the collection process pumping of the tank was also accomplished to collect 55 additional gallons of fuel.  Trenches dug into the soft ground to keep running fuel from contaminating any additional land.

Traffic Accident – Box 1001 – Lee Highway

Thursday, February 23, 2012 07:45hrs: Early Thursday morning E10, M10, CF10, and R504 were dispatched for a traffic accident with possible entrapment. Units arrived on scene to find one truck off the road way into a tree with two still inside the truck. E10 assisted R504 with stabilization. R504 extricated two patients who were later transported with minor injuries.

Traffic Accident – Box 1003 – Lee Highway

Friday, December 9, 2011 1130hrs: E10, M10, and R1 were dispatched for a traffic accident at the intersection of Broad Run Church Road and Lee Highway. Units arrived on scene to find two cars off the roadway and a semi tractor trailer on its side. E10 established command and requested a Hazmat 7. Units remained on scene for approximately three hours as Virginia Department of Transportation cleared the debris from the roadway.

Traffic Accident – Box 1010 – Lee Highway

Tuesday, October 11, 2011 1810hrs: E10, M10, R1 and AC 1 were dispatched for a traffic accident with possible entrapment just south of the Broad Run Church and Lee Highway intersection. M10 and E10 arrived on scene to find one car on all four wheels that had rolled over several times. One occupant was trapped in the car. E10 established Lee Highway Command and stabilized the vehicle. AC 1 arrived on scene and assumed command from the engine. R1 arrived on scene and extricated the patient by removing both drivers side doors to gain full access to the patient. Last units cleared the scene at 18:45 hours.

Traffic Accident – Box 1020 – Vint Hill Road

Saturday, September 3, 2011 0830hrs: E10, A10-1, and R-1 were dispatched for a traffic accident. Units arrived on scene and found Prince William County units already on the scene of a two vehicle auto accident with multiple patients trapped. Units went to work assisting R504 and R1 with extricating patients and providing care. Units quickly extricated all patients from both vehicles and remained on scene to assist law enforcement during their investigation.

Traffic Accident – Box 0123 – Lee Highway (Rt. 211)

Sunday, April 17, 2011 18:30hrs:  E10 and Chief 10 responded to Rt. 211 (Lee Highway) to assist Company 1 units on the scene of a single motorcycle accident with two patients. E10 assisted in establishing a landing zone for Air Care 2 and 3. Two critically injured patients were flown to Fairfax Hospital. Units on Assignment: E-10, Chief 10, M-1, M-19, E-1, W-1B, E-11

Traffic Accident – Box 0113 – Green Road

Sunday, April 17, 2011 13:45hrs: E-10 and A10-2 were dispatched to Green Road to assist Company 1 units on the scene of a traffic accident involving a car versus a motorcycle. While responding, Company 1 units on the scene advised they had two patients, one still trapped, and one DOA. E-10 arrived on scene and began extricating the driver of the car. A10-2 assisted with patient care. Rescue 2 arrived on scene and assisted E-10s crew with the extrication. One patient was flown out by Air Care 1 to Fairfax Hospital.