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On May 16 @ 0535hrs, Fire and rescue crews from New Baltimore Volunteer Fire Company and Warrenton Volunteer Fire Company were dispatched for a water rescue on Baldwin Street.  Crews successfully rescued a driver of the vehicle stuck in the rapidly moving water.  This is a frequent location for water rescues, please avoid this area during periods of heavy rain. Crews successfully rescued two people from the same location last year earning some crew members on-scene an award for valor. We remind everybody to not drive through water in the roadways as many water rescues can be avoided, turn around, don’t drown.

Structure Fire – Box 1009 – Hillside Drive

Saturday, June 9, 2012: Dispatched for report structure, Engine 10 responded with 5, Brush 10 with 2, and Ambulance 10-1 with 2.  Arriving on scene of a single story structure flames visible from side A.  E10 proceeded with an interior attack while Wagon 1 arrived to establish the dump site.  The fire was under control in 5 minutes.  Units completed extinguishing hotspots and then continued with overhaul operations.  Fire companies that responded 1, 2, 19, 11, 3, and 4 thank you for the assistance on this call.

Traffic Accident – Box 0130 – Airlie Road

Friday, February 18, 2011 14:20hrs: M10-1 and E10 were dispatched to assist Company 1 units on the scene of a traffic accident with one patient pinned. E10 was assigned to establish a landing zone but was placed in service by W1-B prior to arriving on the scene. M10-1 arrived on the scene and provided ALS care to one patient that was flown out to Fairfax Hospital. M10-1 returned to service at 16:55hrs

Traffic Accident – Box 1009 – Dumfries Road

Saturday, December 11, 2010 05:30hrs: W10, A10-2, and CF10 responded for a one car traffic accident. CF10 arrived on scene and found one SUV into a tree with one occupant trapped. R1, M1, and a helicopter (Air Care1) were requested to assist. W10 and R1 began to extricate the occupant. Occupant was removed and transported to the landing zone established by W1. Air Care1 transported patient to Fairfax Hospital and units cleared the scene around 0630hrs.