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Traffic Accident -Box 1009- 6000 Blk Lee Hwy

December 28th, 2013 @ 0600hrs: company 10 was alerted for a traffic accident in the 6000 Blk of Lee Hwy. Wagon 10, Ambulance 10-2 and AC10 responded with a total of 9 personnel. Wagon 10 arrived on scene to a single vehicle through a fence with one occupant still inside. Wagon 10 confirmed there was no entrapment or hazards and provided traffic control while the ambulance obtained a patient refusal and the wrecker removed the vehicle. Units cleared after about 30 minutes on scene.

Units: W10, A10-2, AC10

Trafffic Accident – Box 1009 – Lee Highway

Thursday, December 26th, 2013 @ 1705hrs: Multiple vehicle accident with reported entrapment and one vehicle on top of another.  E10, M1, R1, and AC10 responded to the scene.  AC10 arrived to find three vehicles involved with one vehicle on top of another vehicle.  E10 arrived and blocked one lane of northbound Lee Highway (Rt 29).  All occupants were free of the vehicles.  R1 was placed in service and M1 proceeded to the scene to transport the one patient with minor injuries.  E10 and AC10 remained on-scene to assist with traffic control until dispatched for a fire alarm in a residence, which was an accidental alarm activation.

Units: AC10, E10, M1, and R1

Barn Fire – Box 0701 – Old Dumfries Rd.

Sunday, December 23rd, 2013 0100hrs: Company 7 (Catlett) was dispatched for a smoke investigation. As they arrived on scene, they encountered a working fire barn fire and filled the box assignment. W-10 responded with four as the second due pumper. Wagon 10’s driver assumed the role of water supply officer and setup the dump site. The crew checked for extension in the adjacent barn and the crew knock down hot spots and overhauled parts of the barn involved. Several dozens of burning hay bales and some equipment were moved to an open area of the property. W10 was released by command and went ready at 0423hrs.

 Units: W10, K10, E7, K7, R7, W1, K1, E2, K8, E13, and K13

Structure Fire – Box 0305 – Horse Country Trail

Wednesday, August 21st, 2013 2100hrs: Units were alerted for the working structure fire at Horse Country Trail. Wagon, Tanker, and AC 10 responded with a total of 7 personnel from the Opal area after clearing a previous fire. Units on scene were advising of a large single family dwelling with heavy fire on side Delta of the structure and the fire was spreading to the roof. AC10 arrived on scene and was assigned Operations Officer by command. Wagon 10 arrived and sent its personnel to the fire ground while the tanker remained at the dump site. Wagon 10’s crew along with Engine 4 made entry on side Charlie and stopped the fire from spreading to the garage and kitchen. Company 10 units remained on scene until about 0200 helping in the salvage and overhaul process.

Units: W10, K10, AC10, E4, and other county units.

Traffic Accident – Box N/A – Lee Highway

Tuesday, August 13, 2013: New Baltimore was dispatched for an auto accident in the area of Spitony’s on the north bound lanes of Highway 29.  M10 and E10 responded to the scene and found 2 vehicles involved.  E10 shut down all north bound lanes due to vehicles being involved and debris was covering the roadway.  M10 did a checkout of patients and transported one BLS patient to Fauquier ER.  E10 stayed on scene to assist law enforcement with traffic control until tow trucks arrived to remove vehicles and debris.

Units: M10 and E10

Vehicle into Building – Box N/A – Lee Highway

On May 19, 2013 at approximately 0500hrs: New Baltimore was dispatched for a vehicle into a building accident.  E10 and A10 responded along with R1 from Warrenton.  New Baltimore units arrived on scene of truck into the front of a structure.  E10 crew checked for hazards and for any occupants.  A10 located the driver walking around the scene and addressed any medical needs.  R1 arrived and stabilized the structure so a tow truck could remove the vehicle from the building.  The business was able to open for customers the following day.

Units: E10, A10, and R1

Below Grade Rescue (Mar 26, 2013)

Tuesday, March 26th, 2013: NBVFRC was dispatched for an injury from a fall.  W10 responded, arriving on scene of a new home construction site.  The patient involved was laying in the basement of the new house with access being blocked by a concrete pump ariel vehicle.  W10 used a series of ladders to get down into the hole, up over a retaining wall and back down to the patient.  Patient was found to have an open femur fracture and contusions to the head.  M1 and A1 arrived and assumed patient care roles.  Additional Warrenton resources were call including R1, T1, and E1 to assist with stabilizing and ultimately extracting the patient from the basement area.  W7 responded to establish a landing zone for the helicopter.  Patient was stabilized and removed from the hole to be transported via helicopter.
Thank you to all the additional units that responded to assist with this call.

Winter Weather Dec 26 2012

Wednesday, December 26, 2012:  New Baltimore received multiple emergency calls due to weather.  The day started with a chimney fire in Cattlet’s first due.  Then as the weather set in with snow and icing conditions there were multiple traffic accidents within the New Baltimore and Catlett’s first due areas.  Thankfully no serious injuries occurred during any of the calls.

Traffic Accident – Hazmat – Box N/A – N/A

Monday, December 17, 2012:  Hazmat 10 and Wagon 10 were requested to assist Company 4 units with a traffic accident that involved a large fuel leak.  Hazmat 10 arrived to find a log hauling truck had been struck and its side saddle tank was leaking fuel.  A collection tank was placed to begin the process of collecting fuel, approximately 40 gallons of fuel was collected.  During the collection process pumping of the tank was also accomplished to collect 55 additional gallons of fuel.  Trenches dug into the soft ground to keep running fuel from contaminating any additional land.

Inside Gas Leak – Box N/A – Lee Highway

Wednesday, December 5th, 2012: NBVFRC received a report involving an odor inside the Pepsi plant. W10 investigated with volunteers and career personnel on board.  Upon entering the building a slight odor was detected and the CO meters read over 200 parts per million.  The incident was upgraded to a full assignment due to the active inside gas leak.  Additional units arrived to help search and ultimately ventilate the facility.  Maintenance personnel were allowed into the facility to continue searching for the source of CO once readings lowered to a safe level.
Thanks to multiple companies within the county and outside the county for assisting on the call and back filling stations.

Chimney Fire – Box 0703 – Greenwich Road

Friday, November 30, 2012:  Wagon 10 responded with four to a chimney fire in Cattlet’s (Co7) first due.  W10 arrived on-scene of a single story home with visible fire from the chimney. W10 was assigned to the roof and checked for extension while C7 units attempted extinguishment from the firebox in the basement.  Multiple attempts at extinguishment were made with a dry chem extinguisher. W10 firecrew used a chain down the flue to break up the remaining material and a few more blasts of dry chem extinguished the fire. Fire was contained the firebox and flue with no extension into the house.

Structure Fire – Box 1009 – Hillside Drive

Saturday, June 9, 2012: Dispatched for report structure, Engine 10 responded with 5, Brush 10 with 2, and Ambulance 10-1 with 2.  Arriving on scene of a single story structure flames visible from side A.  E10 proceeded with an interior attack while Wagon 1 arrived to establish the dump site.  The fire was under control in 5 minutes.  Units completed extinguishing hotspots and then continued with overhaul operations.  Fire companies that responded 1, 2, 19, 11, 3, and 4 thank you for the assistance on this call.

New Fire House Officially Opened – 6550 Riley Road

Friday, June 1, 2012:  The New Baltimore Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department officially opened our new fire house loacted at 6550 Riley Road on June 1, 2012. The new facility has five drive through bays, sleeping for sixteen members, a fitness center, training center, and other neccesay upgrades to provide the highest quality of service to our community and surrounding communities.