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Congrats EMT Ross!

Congrats EMT Ross!

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I DID IT!!!! And I have to say, it's not just a piece of paper, and it's more than just a certification - this process has not only taught me how to deliver babies, resuscitate patients, control hemorrhage, calculate proper dosages of medications, run EKG's, place airway devices, diagnose illness, treat trauma, save lives, make a difference - this process has taught me how to love myself. For years I have doubted myself, second guessed myself, I've been through things I almost allowed to break me. I didn't believe in myself, see my worth or appreciate and love who I was. But I finally changed, I didn't take no for an answer, I didn't settle, I didn't make excuses - I wanted more and now I know I AM more. This certification doesn't just represent all the hard work and the achievements I've made because of it, it represents a whole new me. A stronger, braver, more independent, happier, worthy, confident me. And I have never been prouder of myself than I am in this moment. This is only the beginning - there are more classes, more certifications, more tests and more training ahead, but I'm ready. To those who have stood by my side, always believed in me, always saw the parts of me I couldn't (but now finally see) - thank you isn't enough ❤️

NBVFRC is aware of a scam that involves asking for donations for local fire depa…

NBVFRC is aware of a scam that involves asking for donations for local fire departments. We do not call for donations but we do send yearly donation forms to our local residence within our area of responsibility. If you receive a call for donations we ask that you do not donate over the phone, if you have recently donated over the phone or have received a call please contact law enforcement as necessary.

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RJ Arft

Well as this chapter of my career comes to a close I would like to say thank you to the men and women of the 1st Battalion. You guys have made the last 5 years (yes 5 years) a hell of a good time as well as an outstanding learning experience. Thank you again. To the 2nd Battalion, My main mission will be getting back to the basics and enjoying what I think we all forget from time to time. The brotherhood of the fire service. Until the 15th, Be safe !!!